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Annual Parish Meeting

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The Annual Parish Meeting is not a Council meeting.  It is a meeting of the parish electors to be held sometime between 1 March and 1 June. Electors can contribute to the agenda and in practice these meetings often celebrate local activities and debate current issues in the community.  The Chairman of the Council, any two Councillors or any six electors can call the Annual Parish Meeting.  This is an open public meeting chaired by the Chairman of the Parish Council. The District and County Councillors for Heybridge are invited and asked to make reports. So too is the local Police Inspector or his representative. Other speakers may be invited from time to time. Only current registered local government electors for Heybridge can vote on any issue raised at this meeting.

Annual Parish Meeting 2022 Agenda APM AGENDA APRIL 2022




Draft minutes 13th May 2019   apmminutes2019


Agenda – 19 March 2015

Minutes 19 March 2015

Agenda – 21 April 2016

Minutes – 21 April 2016




Agenda – 20 April 2017  Draft Minutes