Hall Hire Information 2023-2024

The Plantation Hall is available for hire on a casual or regular basis. Email us to hire admin@heybridgeparishcouncil.gov.uk or call us.

All enquiries telephone 01621 852471. The very modest and competitive hire charges are illustrated by the following scale of rates:

Rates per hour (minimum charge of two hours) – effective from 01/04/23

Plantation Hall – MAIN HALL

Village Non-Village Commercial
Monday to Friday 9am-6pm




Monday to Thursday 6pm – 11pm




Friday 6pm – 11pm




Saturday 9am – 6pm




Saturday 6pm – 11pm




Sunday & Bank Holidays 9am to 6pm




Sunday & Bank Holidays 6pm – 11pm




Closed Christmas Eve,Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Yrs Eve, New Yrs Day, Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Sunday, Easter Monday

MEETING ROOM (adjacent to main hall)

Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm




Monday to Friday 6pm – 11pm




Saturday or Sunday 9am – 6pm




Saturday or Sunday 6pm – 11pm





MON to FRI 9am – 6pm




MON to FRI 6pm – 11pm




SAT or SUN 9am – 6pm




SAT or SUN 6pm – 11pm




BANK HOLIDAYS on application
Note – The above charges are per hour and there is a minimum charge of 2 hours

There is no charge for making tea/coffee during hirings. There are kitchens available in the Main Hall and the Claydon Room.

VILLAGE = this is for hirers living in Heybridge Parish and where the booking is for a private function, eg a birthday party, or for a non-profit making/community group based in Heybridge and in which predominantly Heybridge residents are to be involved.

NON-VILLAGE = this is for hirers who do not live in the Heybridge Parish wishing to book a private function.

COMMERCIAL = this is for groups or organisations which operate on subscriptions or charge for entry to sessions and are open to residents of Heybridge and elsewhere, eg slimming/keep fit classes, and for private business purposes.


Any booking on a Bank or Statutory holiday will be charged at the Commercial rate. A one off, call out charge of £50.00 will also be payable.

TO USE THE KITCHEN FACILITIES (with a Main Hall booking only)

Includes use of the cooker, cutlery, crockery and glassware. PLEASE NOTE YOU WILL NEED TO SUPPLY YOUR OWN COOKWARE AND UTENSILS.

Per session/hiring


Non Village


All Times




Note– The kitchen charge is per booking not per hour. No charge for tea / coffee making only

TO USE LINEN PROVIDED BY HEYBRIDGE PARISH COUNCIL – Per session hiring (including washing after use)

Tablecloths and napkins (suitable for use for parties up to 100 people)

(red check tableloths/red napkins)                                                                                                                £11.00 +VAT

Please speak to the Clerk about this facility

SPORTS FACILITIES – Rates per match/session –

Use of pitch/goalposts/changing rooms/showers £45.00 + VAT
Use of pitch/goalposts only £20.00 + VAT
Use of changing rooms/showers only £25.00 + VAT

Note – Corner flags and goal nets are NOT provided

King George V Playing Field

 Use of playing field – half day  £ 40.00
 Use of playing field – full day  £70.00

Hirings that end between 10:00pm and 11:00pm

The Parish Council has decided if hiring is between 10pm and 11pm an additional charge of £10 will be charged.

The Parish Council has decided that a checklist should be completed, at the end of every hiring, to ensure any damage, or problems, are acknowledged and recorded. The checklist will be completed by the caretaker and the hirer. Both the caretaker and the hirer will sign the form. If the hirer declines to sign the form, then the signature of the caretaker will be sufficient.

In this way, both the Council and hirers will be able to allocate responsibility for any damage, or identify any problems that require resolution.

The Heybridge Parish Council reserves the right to review the above charges at the end of the financial year ending 31 March 2024

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