Plantation Hall Hire Terms & Rules


To book any room in Plantation Hall (including the field/changing rooms) you must:

  • Be over 21 years of age, and agree to abide by the rules for booking and using the premises
  • Complete the relevant forms and pay 50% of the charges on requesting a booking
  • Pay the remainder of the charges no less than 7 days before the booking
  • Pay a refundable deposit on booking, against any damage, additional cleaning or clearing up, resulting from the use of the premises. The deposit will be refunded by cheque following, Parish Council approval at their next meeting.
  • Obtain a Temporary Event Notice from Maldon District Council, at least 28 days before the hiring, if alcohol is to be SOLD.

The booking is not confirmed until all of the above steps have been completed.

If you cancel less than 14 days before the booking, the charges will not be refunded. Cancellations must be in writing and may be subject to a charge of £5.00.

Contacting Plantation Hall

Write to Plantation Hall, Colchester Road, Heybridge, Maldon, Essex, CM9 4AL.

Telephone: 01621 852471.

The person who makes the booking, or their representative, is responsible for the premises and everything in the premises, whilst they are using them.

The premises must only be used for the purpose stated on the booking form.

Heybridge Parish Council may retain some or all of the deposit, and may ask for any additional costs of repairing and damage caused by the hirer.

Rules of Hire

When you have made a booking, you must:

  • allow any Parish Council staff or Members free access to the premises
  • accept responsibility for any claim, demand or action by anyone in your party, including personal injury, or
  • comply with law and local practice if selling anything. You must display the sellers name and address and explain the pricing of any goods.
  • adequately supervise children or young persons and make sure those supervising young children comply with legal requirements
  • have at least 6 stewards for public dances or events
  • remove advertising at the end of the event.
  • keep the outer door to the hall closed, and locked once your party has arrived
  • note and keep fire exits clear at all times
  • report all accidents involving injury to the public to the Caretaker as soon as possible and complete the accident book.
  • Keep a register for signing people in and out to meet fire regulations.
  • Plug all audio equipment into electrical sockets within Main Hall only.
  • You must ensure the hall/room is left in a clean and tidy state when you vacate the premises and ALL rubbish must be removed.

In the event of any problems or issues, only the person responsible for the hiring may discuss with the Clerk (not the caretakers) and not left to members of the hirers group or party to discuss.

Please be aware that the Parish Council has a ‘Unacceptable Behaviour Policy’ a copy of which will be provided on request.

Parking in the car park to Plantation Hall is at your own risk.

You must not:

  • Change or add to any electrical equipment – talk to the caretaker beforehand to agree your needs. All electrical equipment must be PAT tested. The day caretaker can perform PAT testing for £1.00 per item.
  • Break the laws on gaming, betting and lotteries.
  • Fly post adverts for you function in the Maldon district.
  • Make a great deal of noise on arriving or leaving the building
  • Leave the building until the caretaker has returned at the end of the hiring
  • Leave any cars in the car park at the end of the hiring, as the gates are locked overnight.
  • Bring or use any explosive or flammable things into the Hall
  • Put any decorations or anything else on the walls, remove or move any furniture, open or close the curtains or shutters, without talking to the caretaker. Talk to the caretaker before the hiring about how you want the room set up.
  • Prop open doors with any object other than the Dorguards.
  • Wear footwear liable to damage or mark the surface of the wood floors.
  • Plug any audio equipment into electrical sockets located in any areas outside the Main Hall if you are hiring the Main Hall.

No animals (other than guide dogs) are permitted in the premises.Items not allowed inside Plantation Hall

Items that are strictly banned from use include:

  • Smoke Machines
  • Fog Machines
  • Bubble Machines
  • Any foam products including foam play
  • Any products used for water play including paddling pools and water balloons.
  • Skate Boards, scooters, bicycles
  • Any product that is not water soluble including markers, crayons and paints.
  • Any open flame product including candles, barbeques, lanterns
  • Stiletto heal shoes
  • Any abrasive materials including sand.

Using the Kitchen (Main Hall)

You are welcome to use the kitchen for making tea, coffee, soft drinks and light refreshments at no charge. The kitchen is equipped with crockery and cutlery and there is a water heater for making hot drinks. You must bring your own supplies of tea, coffee, milk and sugar etc and tea towels and dishcloths for washing up.

Heybridge Parish Council has some red check tablecloths, made to fit our large tables and matching red napkins, which can be hired out for £11.00 plus VAT. Any losses will be charged at £5.00 per tablecloth and £2.00 per napkin, but the hire charge includes the cost of washing after the hiring.

If you are using the kitchen to prepare and serve food, you may use the crockery, cutlery but you will need to supply your own cookware. (Please note that sharp knives are not available.) Kitchens are dangerous places, so children should not be in the kitchen at any time and the shutters should be kept closed when food is being prepared. Please note that in the event of the fire alarm sounding the shutters will close automatically.

When you have finished, make sure you leave the kitchen clean, dry and ready for the next user. The Hall does not have a general rubbish collection, so please take your bottles, cans and other rubbish away with you.

Using the Changing Rooms & Showers

When playing a football match, one person (usually from the home team) will be given a key to the outer doors of the changing area. That person is then responsible for the security of the changing rooms and everything in them during the match and until the changing rooms are vacated at the end of the hiring.

If the changing rooms and showers are included in the hire, then one person will be given a key and must take responsibility for the security of everything in there during the hiring.

Football boots should be removed before entering the building and not washed anywhere in the building. The changing rooms and showers should be left as clean and tidy as possible, and you should take any rubbish home with you.

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