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Re-opening of Plantation Hall

Following the easing of lockdown, Plantation Hall has re-opened to hirers. Council would urge anyone wishing to hire the facilities to remain cautious and follow some simple guidelines such as using hand sanitiser to ensure all those in your group feel secure and safe to return.

The Council office will be open from 9.00am until 3.00pm Monday to Friday.

Recycling sacks will be available during these times subject to stock availablilty.


COVID Opening Hours.

Due to the government guidelines regarding working from home, the opening hours for the Parish Council Office have changed. It would be advisable to call ahead to ensure the office is open or to book a convenient time to speak to the office staff.

Please ensure you are wearing a mask when you enter the building and note your details will be required for Test and Trace. This helps ensure Plantation Hall remains a COVID Secure building. A QR Code can be found on the main entrance door and just inside the building. Please note, the staff are also required to complete a paper copy.

Recycling bags can be found outside of Plantation hall but please be considerate and only take on roll of each per household. If you arrive and there are no bags, please knock on the main door to the building and if staff are present they will be happy to assist.


The open spaces will remain open to the public.  The equipment and playground are also open and please make sure you follow all government guidance on social distancing when using the equipment at your own risk.  Wear disposable gloves where possible and sanitise after use for the safety of others if possible.

You can continue to contact the council via email:

Parish Clerk-


Or call:     Parish Clerk 07523 339928

Local useful contact information:





For local advice guide from Maldon District Council, please download the following document:



These can be picked up from outside the parish hall should you need some.  Please think of others and only take what you need.

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