The Parish Council has been notified by the Maldon District Council of the following planning applications. It is proposed that these applications will be considered at the next meeting of the Planning Committee. The meeting is open to the public.

Details of the applications and accompanying plans are available for inspection at the District Council Offices at Princes Road, Maldon, during normal office hours, and via the District Council website www.maldon.gov.uk. The same documents will be available for inspection for 30 minutes prior to the above meeting.

Application No: FUL/MAL/17/00974
Proposal: Construction of 2 no. semi-detached, two storey dwellings to replace existing dilapidated dwelling & other associated building on the site.
Location: Stonybrook, 19 Basin Road, Heybridge

Application No: LBC/MAL/17/01030
Proposal: Replacement of existing UPVC window and replace with new casement window.
Location: 17 Holloway Road, Heybridge

Application No: HOUSE/MAL/17/01029
Proposal: Replacement of existing broken gate with a double gate which is 1.8m high and 2.9m wide
Location: 17 Holloway Road, Heybridge

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