The Hatfield Peverel Allotment Association currently has a small number of plots available on both of

its sites. Because demand from within the village appears to be satisfied at present, we are able to offer

these to non-residents. The plots are a variety of sizes but almost all need a reasonable amount of

work to bring them into use -- ie some have not been worked for the past year (or more in some cases).

The charges to non-residents are the same as to the residents of Hatfield Peverel. We currently charge 

£4 per rod per annum, plus a £6 per annum membership fee which includes insurance and water.  

Most plots are 3 or 4 rods, meaning a total annual cost of around £22.

We would be very pleased to hear from anyone in the Heybridge area who may be interested in taking up a plot.

I can be contacted on Tel: 01245 381646, mobile 07940 217148 or e-mail:


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