"If I can - you can" campaign -

    13 December 2016


Maldon District Council launches – #IfIcan ‘you can’ campaign!


The #IfIcan ‘you can’ campaign will launch on Monday 9th January to encourage residents to be more active, supporting each other and challenging the barriers of inactivity. 


The campaign will launch across mid Essex, with Maldon District residents encouraged to challenge each other and themselves, to become more active and inspire others by: sharing their stories @ActiveMaldon on twitter using #IfICan #Maldon.


We are looking for people in the District to show and shout about how they have increased their physical activity levels and what results they have achieved through being more active more often.


Sponsored prizes will be on offer from our partners at Places for People @BlackwaterLC for participants who receive the most retweets and likes. As well as residents who can demonstrate the biggest physical activity impact and changes within their lives as a result.


We will also contact some participants through twitter to ask them to share their inspirational story with us as examples for others can follow.


With nearly 7 in 10 adults in our District either overweight or obese Maldon District Council is taking action to tackle obesity by encouraging residents to be more active and challenging the perceived barriers to inactivity.


Councillor Ron Pratt, Chairman of the Council’s Community Services Committee, said; “Being obese or overweight can increase the risk of developing a range of serious diseases and that’s why the ‘If I Can, you can’ campaign is so important. We can all overcome a range of perceived obstacles that prevent us from becoming physically active – from age, to lack of time and limited finances. We are very lucky in this district to have so many fantastic facilities, clubs and open spaces. So take up the challenge and get active.”


David Burnham from Maldon District Council added; “We all have a responsibility to improve our own health and wellbeing. It not only helps your physical and mental health, it can also improve your self-esteem and confidence.”


The competition will be promoted using the social networks above and directing people to the LiveWell website and competition terms and conditions.

Harbour at Maldon Coffee Mornings -

                       HARBOUR AT MALDON

“A Coffee Morning with a Difference”

Every Monday (Except Bank Holidays)

between 10 am to 12 in the Octagon at St. Mary’s Church, Church Street, Maldon CM9 5HP.


RELAX: We offer a friendly, supportive environment, with welcoming volunteer Hosts, a ‘bottomless’ coffee and teapot and a variety of biscuits (and sometimes cakes). There are newspapers and magazines, cards, dominoes, scrabble etc

 …Or just pop in for a chat.

GET HELP: Our resources include information about local services and we can ‘signpost’ you. Our trained Volunteers can offer a listening ear when you need it.

TRY A CRAFT:  Most weeks, for those who wish to participate, we have a Craft Table, and often have themed activities.

HELP WITH COMPUTERS: We have a good laptop Computer with internet link and a Computer Buddy to help you find what you need. Come and learn the basics?

Find an Interest: We have regular visiting speakers, a monthly FitSteps walk in the summer, and popular quizzes and activity taster sessions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

YOU’RE WELCOME: Harbour is open to everyone over 16 years of age




5th DEC  A Quiet Day All the usual games and googling. A GENTLE EXERCISE session for those who wish to join in!   Craft is personalised cards for special people

12th  DEC   A Christmas Quiz for all. We continue our Christmas Crafts with decorations and decorate our Tree

19th DEC The Harbour Christmas Party.  Party Hats may be worn!  Join in the party games and our songs and carols.  (Bring nibbles to share if you would like)






THE FIRST HARBOUR OF 2017 will be 9th January

Events may be subject to change at short notice.

Please call Linda Allen on 01621 851891 for more information. MAST (Maldon Active Support Team) is a Project of Maldon and District CVS- A Registered Charity 

Mid and South Essex STP published -

Mid and South Essex STP to be published today (Wednesday 23 November)


The Mid and South Essex Success Regime will today publish a “sustainability and transformation plan” (STP), which proposes radical changes in health and care over the next five years.

The plan is not yet final. People are invited to have their say over the next few months before the plan is finalised in 2017. Any proposed major service changes are subject to further national checks and formal public consultation in 2017 before any final decision.

The STP and a summary version will be available from the Success Regime website www.successregimeessex.co.uk from 3.30pm.

In summary, the plan is to:

·        Do more to help people stay well for longer

·        Join services together – physical and mental health, hospital, community and social care - to provide more care closer to people and help people avoid having to go to hospital

·        Redesign the three main hospitals in mid and south Essex to meet rising demands with the right number of doctors and nurses. By working together as a group, the three hospitals in Basildon, Chelmsford and Southend could provide some of the best quality emergency and specialist care in the country.

Said Dr Anita Donley OBE, independent clinical chair of the Mid and South Essex Success Regime;

“We cannot keep expanding hospital services. We must make best use of the precious and excellent workforce we have in Essex and, with our social care and local government colleagues, prepare better community and GP services; otherwise we will waste tax payers’ money on an outdated system.

“The Mid and South Essex plan tackles the risks of modern life, such as obesity, mental health problems and how we support people who are living longer. It promotes innovation, technology and better ways of supporting and caring for people.

“By working together as a system and with the hospitals working together as a group, there are many opportunities to improve health, increase people’s chances of survival and a good recovery from serious illness and improve patients’ experience overall.”


How your health and care service could be different in five years’ time

In your local community:

·        There could be much more emphasis on self-care, prevention and earlier treatment.


·        You could see a different range of professionals at your local surgery, but your GP could have longer consultation time available when you need it.


·        The range of professionals linked to your local surgery, such as mental health specialists and social care workers, would create a service that supports you as a whole person rather than looking at each single problem separately.


·        Through investment and collaboration, some specialists and facilities that were previously only available in a hospital could be available at your local surgery e.g. for skin problems, stroke recovery, pain control; and various scans and tests.

  • If you live with long-term conditions and other health risks, experts could help you to plan and manage your care. This means understanding mental as well as physical issues and social as well as health needs. Your local team would know you and be ready to act quickly to prevent problems.


  • Early action, such as to prevent falls or to manage dementia, could help you to improve your quality of life and stay independent for as long as possible.


·        You would have a greater say in your own health and care plans. You and everyone involved in your care could have access to shared confidential records and other information to monitor and plan your care.


·        For people at the end of life, services would work as one to support you at home or in a local place such as a hospice, if you preferred.


·        Getting help in an emergency could be easier than it is now and less likely to lead to you being admitted to a hospital or residential care. This could include, for example, more online and telephone help, 111 linked to out of hours services and crisis teams that can act quickly without the need for an ambulance journey to hospital.


In your hospitals:

·        The three hospitals in Basildon, Chelmsford and Southend could work better as a group. This saves money in management and support functions, but also opens up the opportunity to create different specialist centres at each of the three hospitals.


·        For emergency care, the aim is to develop a network of urgent and emergency care in the community, keep walk-in A&E and assessment services at each hospital and designate one of the three hospitals as a specialist emergency hospital.


·        With one hospital concentrating on the major emergencies, the other two hospitals would have more space and specialist doctors and nurses for planned operations and specialist care.


·        These possibilities are currently being developed by local clinicians and discussed with service users, leading to a public consultation in 2017.

Said Dr Ronan Fenton, joint medical director of the Mid and South Essex Success Regime;

“We are not talking about closing an A&E at any of the three hospitals. There would be an A&E in all three hospitals for walk-in patients and patients arriving by ambulance. This could have the support of an assessment centre for older and frail people, an assessment centre for children and an assessment centre for surgery. These services would serve the majority of emergency cases locally, including overnight stays for observation and treatment, if necessary.

“For the most serious and life-threatening cases, national evidence tells us that we could save more lives with a specialist emergency hospital for the 1.2 million people of mid and south Essex. We already see this in Essex with the Essex Cardiothoracic Centre in Basildon. Anyone suffering an acute heart attack in Essex goes not their local A&E but directly by ambulance to Basildon, where they are seen immediately by top specialists working round the clock.

“With three hospitals working as a group, we could draw together our specialist doctors, nurses and technicians and create new centres of excellence in both planned and emergency care. This would:

·        reduce the waiting times in A&E and waiting for tests

·        reduce the waiting times for planned operations and put an end to cancellations

·        close the gaps in clinical staffing - currently our three hospitals have some 2,000 unfilled posts

·        save on the cost of hospital services so that more money could be available for services in the community

·        and most importantly of all – we could save more lives and increase the chances of a good recovery.

The full Mid Essex Sustainability and Transformation Plan and a summary guide will be available from the Success Regime website from 3.30pm on Wednesday 23 November at www.successregimeessex.co.uk





common childhood illness guidance handbook -

Launch of common childhood illness guidance handbook

Local parents, grandparents and carers across mid Essex are now able to seek guidance from a new advice booklet for when their child becomes ill.

The Common Childhood Illnesses and Wellbeing handbook is an extensive and informative guide for anyone who cares for a child aged from birth to 11 years old. It gives advice on how to spot signs of illness and what to do for minor conditions such as coughs and colds, fever, dry skin and rashes, chicken pox, bumps and bruises.

Information on mental health and wellbeing, healthy lifestyles and advice on some more serious conditions like meningitis and sepsis is also covered in the booklet. There’s also a handy section on when you should keep your child home from school.

Dr Caroline Dollery, Chair of Mid Essex CCG and a GP in Danbury, said: "When a child falls ill, a lot of parents and carers naturally become very anxious and unsure about what they should do or which health service to access.

"This new guide is an extremely informative and beneficial resource on how to deal with the most common illnesses in young children. It can be used to learn how to care for a child at home, when to call a doctor and when to contact emergency services alongside other useful local information and contacts.

"A lot of hard work and effort has gone into producing the guide but it has been extremely worthwhile and I am sure local parents, grandparents and carers will benefit from it."

A series of free workshops hosted by local GPs and clinicians have also been planned to accompany the launch of the guide which anyone is welcome to attend.

Both the workshops and guide are part of the CCGs wider strategy to reduce unnecessary and inappropriate hospital attendances for paediatric patients allowing the paediatric team to care for and treat those patients that really need to be in A&E.

In 2015/16, the CCG spent more than £1 million in relation to children attending Broomfield Hospital A&E where no investigation was carried out and no treatment was given – just advice and guidance. The projected cost for advice given in A&E could increase this year (2016/17) to £1.8 million.

To download an electronic version of the guide please visitwww.midessexccg.nhs.uk/your-health-services/your-health/childhood-illnesses.

Dates and Times of Events

Monday 21st November 2016

Plume Community Academy,
Fambridge Road, Maldon, Essex, CM9 6AB

6:00pm to 7:30pm

Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Marconi Social Club,
Tydemans off Beehive Lane,
Essex, CM2 9FH

12:30pm to 2:00pm

Tuesday 22nd November 2016

Tabor Academy
Panfield Lane
, Braintree, Essex, CM7 5XP

6:00pm to 7:30pm

Thursday 24th November 2016

Newlands Spring Primary School,
Dickens Place, Newlands Spring,
Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 4UU

6:00pm to 7:30pm

To reserve a place please visit: http://bit.ly/2ePUdZQ.

Copies of the guide will be given to all new parents supported at Broomfield Hospital (forming part of newborn packs) and are available FREE from all GP practices, pharmacies and via the healthy schools service

Reporting Flytipping -

The Environment Agency has issued a 24/7 Hotline to try and gain intelligence to combat the illegal dumping of rubbish also known as flytipping.
If you witness or find fly-tipping or have any information about it you can now report it to the Environment Agency 0800 807060
Reports should include as many details about the incident and type/amount of waste as possible.
Some key points about if you witness such activity:
* Witnesses are vitally important in enabling action to be taken against people who fly-tip waste, so please do not hesitate to report any incident that you witness as soon as possible.
* Do not put yourself in danger by approaching anyone you see dumping waste; they are criminals, who may be involved in other criminal activities, and as such are unlikely to respond well to being challenged. If it is possible to observe them safely, the more information you are able to provide, the better the chances of an investigation.
Information that is useful includes the following:
1. Time and date of incident;
2. Description of person(s) dumping waste;
3. Description of vehicle(s) involved, including registration numbers;
4. Description of the waste dumped;
5. Photographs can also be very useful, but only if it is possible to obtain them safely.
Please be reassured that any information supplied in connection to any such incident is treated in strictest confidence. If you make notes please keep them, even if they are scribbled notes on the back of an envelope. Actual notes taken at the time can be very valuable as evidence.
Do not try to rummage through the waste yourself to look for evidence, as there may be hazardous or sharp items hidden among the waste.

Changes to A&E -


As many as two in every three people who go to Broomfield Hospital A&E do not need to be there – leading to longer waits for patients needing urgent care.

Before the start of this year, about 220 patients went through A&E every 24 hours – but by spring 2016 numbers were frequently far higher. On one day in April, an unprecedented 314 people came to A&E – and last month (September), daily figures often exceeded that. On 26 September 2016, for example, there were 334 patients in A&E.

The higher numbers are largely made up of people who would get the right care from a GP, pharmacist or even through self-care. Up to two thirds of Broomfield’s current A&E patients do not have a serious or life-threatening condition – but the long waits in A&E are not putting them off walking in with minor ailments.

This is making it harder for our doctors and nurses to cope. The situation has become so serious that immediate action is needed.

From next week, patients going to A&E with conditions that are not serious or life-threatening may be redirected to other services.

Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is working with Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust (MEHT) and other healthcare partners to direct patients to more appropriate care.

Dr Bob Ghosh, Medical Director at MEHT, said: "Patient safety remains the priority – no one will be ‘turned away’ until a senior nurse has seen them and advised on what they need to do. But people with a minor condition should not expect to be seen in A&E. We want the public to help us ease this pressure and really think first about what care they need – help us keep A&E for those who need it."

Dr Caroline Dollery, Chair of Mid Essex CCG, said: "This new initiative is being supported by health and care professionals across our patch. To help people get the right care, we are working with our GP practices to make sure appointments are available.

"People often say it’s too difficult to get a GP appointment – but when the CCG last audited them, more than 700 appointments at GP practices across mid Essex went unused on one day alone."

"On top of this, we know that some of our practices have between 20 and 30 appointments a day that get wasted because people don’t turn up and they don’t cancel.

"We really need people to think wisely about how they use our health and care services so that we can provide the best and most appropriate care."

New service - dial 105 -

On 6th September a new national phone number “105” was launched by electricity network operators for customers to call should they need to report or get information about a power cut in their area.

Key points to note about this service are:
• Dialling 105 will put customers through to their local electricity network operator – the company that manages the cables, power lines and substations that deliver electricity into homes and businesses in their area. 
• 105 is just one of the ways that customers can contact their electricity network operator. They can also contact them by phone or via their website, and most network operators are on social media too.
• 105 is a free service for people in England, Scotland and Wales.
• Customers can call 105 no matter who they choose to buy electricity from.
• Customers can also call 105 if they spot damage to electricity power lines and substations that could put anyone in danger. If there’s a serious immediate risk, they should call the emergency services too. 

changes to recycling centres -

Crackdown on illegal waste at recycling centres

Waste from Essex businesses which has been illegally left at recycling centres has left taxpayers with a disposal bill running to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

‘Man with a van’ operators offering cheap rubbish clearance, property developers and independent building and home improvement trades have swamped many sites. Local facilities have seen the amount of DIY and construction waste alone leap by over 50% in the last two years.

To tackle the problem, Essex County Council is set to announce changes to the way sites will operate in the future, to prevent taxpayers footing the bill for business waste, reduce queues for genuine customers and prevent daytime closures.

The rule of thumb of how the law works, is that household waste covers items which a householder would normally take with them when they move house. If the waste is something you would leave behind, like doors, a fitted kitchen or bathroom, or soil and hardcore from a garden, it is construction waste. And business waste of any kind is strictly excluded.

The current plan to improve recycling centres means that from the 31st October, about half of the county’s sites will also no longer allow vans or multi-axle trailers in and will no longer offer any disposal facilities for DIY and construction waste.

The remaining sites will still offer access to residents who only have access to a commercial vehicle, but will place strict limits on how much DIY waste can be disposed of.  Vans and pick-ups will be under greater scrutiny though, and those identified as bringing in waste from any kind of business activity will be refused entry and owners may be liable to prosecution.

Councillor Simon Walsh Cabinet Member for Waste and Environmentsaid: "The taxpayer cannot continue to pick up the bill for businesses which don’t dispose of their waste properly. These operational changes will stop people unlawfully disposing of business and trade waste at recycling centres at the expense of the taxpayer, whilst still providing the facility for residents to dispose of their legitimate DIY waste when carrying out ad-hoc work at home themselves."

Residents who are unsure about whether to take waste to a recycling centre or whether they will need to rent a skip for larger home improvement projects after 31 October should check the Recycle for Essex website before heading to their local site.

Press Release - June 2016 -

Heybridge Parish Council has been informed by a concerned resident of their receipt of a glossy advert mentioning the EU referendum and promoting certain emphasis in its connection.

The Parish Council is wholly unaware of this action and is taking immediate steps to identify and to report the person or persons responsible for this document and its circulation to the relevant authorities.

The content of the advert and its format are unknown by the Council at this time, but we wish to emphasise that we have had no part in the preparation and distribution of any such information and are initiating procedures to correct and to clarify this unfortunate situation at the earliest time.

Cllr. Prof. Lew Schnurr


Heybridge Parish Council

9 June 2016

Private Pumping Stations - Anglian Water -

From Anglian Water:

Currently, homeowners have to spend hundreds of pounds every year for electricity running costs, maintenance and repairs to look after these private pumping stations. They may even have been flooded if it’s broken down in the past.  

From October 2016, many of these private pumping stations will transfer over to Anglian Water and become our responsibility. We will take over all of the maintenance and the running costs too, saving customers hassle, worry and money.

We’d like to ask for your support in letting local residents know about this, and asking them to get in touch with us if they think they have a private pumping station. 

To help customers identify and report the pumping stations easily, we have launched a specialist website: www.spotapumpingstation.co.uk.

If you have any questions about this campaign, please reply to privatepumpingstations@anglianwater.co.uk. For any other queries, please contact our Public Affairs Team on public.affairs@anglianwater.co.uk

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