Environment and Resources Committee Meeting - 25 May 2017 -

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Planning Committee Meeting - 1 June 2017 -

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Parish Council Meeting - 18 May 2017 -

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Notice of election - 8 June 2017 -

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Advice on business rates -

Check your business rates bills


Local businesses are being advised by Maldon District Council to check their new rateable values from 1 April 2017 by visiting the Valuation Office Agency website.

A property’s rateable value along with the correct ‘multiplier’ (an amount set by central government) is used to calculate business rates bills.


Following the national revaluation of all rateable values many rate payers will see no change or will have a reduction in the rateable value. However around 15% of those that do pay business rates will see an increase, some of which could be very significant.


Councillor David Sismey, Chairman of the Finance and Corporate Services Committee said, “Whilst we are responsible for collection of business rates on behalf of Central Government, we do not set either the rateable value or the multiplier used to calculate the rates payable. These are set by the Valuation Office Agency and central government respectively. We would recommend that any Business ratepayers who think their rateable value may be wrong visit the Valuation Office Agency website and use the appeals process to check and challenge the rateable value for their premises. Businesses should also ensure that they are claiming any reductions they are entitled to, particularly small businesses. More details can be found on the back of the bills, and also on the Council’s website. We recognise that a number of local businesses, particularly High Street retailers, and Public Houses are facing significant increases which has been recognised and discussed nationally.”


More than 100 local businesses, including pubs and small businesses could be assisted by the additional help announced by the Chancellor in the Budget speech on 8 March.  Businesses should continue to pay their current bills until the Council receives information about the new schemes and revised bills are issued.  They are also encouraged to sign up for the Council’s online Connect service at www.maldon.gov.uk/connect so that they may be contacted quickly about these changes.


Businesses are reminded that bills must also be paid whilst an appeal is being dealt with by the Valuation Office. 

Community Health Hub -

A co-ordinated approach to Maldon’s new Community Health Hub is taking shape.



A project Board comprising Maldon District Council and health partners, including Mid Essex Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), local GP’s and patient groups are working closely together to bring forward an affordable solution to meet both community and primary health (GP) needs for the  Maldon District. 


Work is underway to assess requirements for the Schedule of Accommodation against current activity predictions and the proposed model of care. This work takes account of the CCG’s Home First Strategy which seeks to provide homecare packages providing the right level of support to enable patients to be treated and cared for in their own homes, freeing up acute hospital beds for those with the greatest need.


The project, which takes account of both existing primary care needs and growth arising from new housing developments in Maldon and Heybridge, is planning for a new GP surgery in the new North Heybridge Garden Suburb and a new Health Hub situated in or around Maldon which will include both community and primary care facilities. Options to provide an independent living (extra care) housing scheme and possibly a nursing home alongside the new Health Hub are also being looked at.


Mid Essex Hospitals Trust (MEHT) who own the current St Peter’s Hospital site, are part of the discussions looking at the provision of services for a new Health Hub on alternative site. 


Maldon District Council’s Chief Executive, Fiona Marshall, said; “I am pleased that the discussions about health provision and a new Community Health Hub for the District are really starting to take shape. The Council has been instrumental in ensuring that a co-ordinated and joined up approach is taken which is critical to the success of delivering a Health Hub. I am confident that we have the commitment from all of our partners to deliver a package of first class health services to the residents of the District and I look forward to seeing this progress.”

Dr Caroline Dollery, Chair of Mid Essex CCG, said: “We look forward to continuing the collaboration with patient representatives and others involved in the project board to ensure that we can shape plans for services that support people to receive care at home wherever possible.”

A spokesperson for the Blackwater and Longfield Patient Reference Group, added; “We are enthused by the process that is actually starting to make positive ground in planning the new Maldon Community Health Hub. The resources of those who deliver primary health care have never been so stretched and the demands so high. However, the multi-agency Board which is tasked with providing the new Health Hub is working well together. From a patient perspective, it is vital that representatives convey the fears and hopes of patients. But we must additionally be mindful of the extreme pressures which health providers have been placed under. Patient representatives will continue to capture the broader engagement of Patient Group members who themselves represent the wider patient cohort. Our role, alongside that of District Councillors and officers is to strive to obtain the best possible outcomes in challenging times.  We have a duty not to allow the dilution of services to patients in the Maldon area.

The role of health providers is to meet health demand within tight budget constraints. No-one has the authority to irresponsibly squander public money.
To date, hours of discussion has resulted in a project structure, an outline of the ongoing programme and what we need to take to a potential developer.
What we must attempt is to get the best possible provision with the money available. We will also work to keep the general public better informed.
Some people have spoken of continuing to use St. Peter's Hospital to deliver services from. However, one major infrastructure problem is it could close due to the expense of operating from an ageing building.
The project is moving forward. But there are a number of crucial inputs and stages which, if not sensitively managed, can cause delay or even cancellation. The NHS agencies and Maldon District Council have committed to give more regular updates for the benefit of the community.”

Residents Safety Survey - Maldon District Council -

How safe do you feel?


Maldon District Council and the Community Safety Partnership invite you to complete the resident’s safety questionnaire and tell them what concerns you and your family.


The aim of the survey is to identify causes of concern for residents allowing the Community Safety Partnership (CSP) to establish their main areas of focus and priorities for the District in terms of crime and disorder. The results form part of the CSPs Strategic Assessment and Partnership Plan and inform the actions of partner agencies including Essex Police and the Crime Commissioner.


Cllr Ron Pratt, Chairman of Community Services said “The Maldon District is a fantastic and comparatively safe place to live; however, we all have some concerns about crime and disorder. I encourage all residents to take the time to complete the Maldon District Community Safety Partnership (CSP) Residents Questionnaire as this helps us understand what worries residents and makes sure we focus our efforts to address this.”


The Maldon District Community Safety Partnership (CSP) Residents Questionnaire is available on line at https://www.snapsurveys.com/wh/s.asp?k=141898628577


Paper copies are available from the Maldon District Council Offices, Tourist Information Centres in Maldon and Burnham and have been made available to all parish and town councils in the District.

Recruitment of on-call firefighters -

Fire service appeal for more firefighters in Maldon District

Maldon District Council is working in partnership to support our local fire stations to recruit new on-call firefighters. Burnham-on-Crouch, Tollesbury, Tillingham and Maldon fire stations are looking to boost their numbers by hiring more on-call firefighters, who are a vital part of today's fire and rescue service.


The call comes as part of Essex County Fire and Rescue Service’s countywide on-call firefighter recruitment campaign.

Cllr Miriam Lewis, Leader of Maldon District Council, said: “On-call firefighters are of critical importance to the fire and rescue service in our District, and play an essential role in keeping our residents safe. The District Council fully supports the drive for new recruits.”


Cllr Ron Pratt, Chairman of Community Services at Maldon District Council, added “Being an on-call firefighter gives residents the chance to serve their local community and make a difference to everyone’s lives. If you live or work within five minutes of the fire stations in Burnham-on-Crouch, Tollesbury, Tillingham or Maldon, are over 18 and are physically fit, I would encourage you to consider a role as an on-call firefighter.”


An on-call firefighter is ‘on call’ to respond to a range of emergencies and engages with their community. They have everyday lives and jobs, until the pager sounds - then they become professional firefighters, on the front line, saving lives. On-call firefighters are paid for their services and they receive thorough training and learn all they need to know about emergency situations.


To become an on-call firefighter you must live or work within five minutes of the on-call fire station, be over 18 and be physically fit, though support will be given to help you meet fitness requirements.


Simon Dedman, Station Manager at Burnham, Tillingham and Maldon, said: “On-call recruitment can be difficult in small towns and rural areas, because nowadays there are fewer people who both live and work in small communities. This has put local services under threat. On-call firefighters are a crucial part of local services and communities and the role is unpredictable, exciting and rewarding. I encourage anyone interested to apply.”


For more details call 01376 576698, email general.recruitment@essex-fire.gov.uk or visit www.essex-fire.gov.uk/oncall

Local Health Care - East of England Clinical Senate Reports -

Mid and South Essex Success Regime - Changes could be “bolder” say external experts

The Mid and South Essex Success Regime is today (Monday 23 January) publishing two independent clinical reviews of the emerging plans to reconfigure the three main hospitals in Basildon, Chelmsford and Southend.

The reports were prepared by the East of England Clinical Senate following detailed reviews which took place in June and October 2016. The role of the Clinical Senate is to provide independent, strategic advice and guidance to healthcare planning. The reviews made constructive recommendations to help the Success Regime continue to develop its plans. The panels that undertook the reviews involved senior clinicians from outside Essex and patient representatives.

Said Dr Ronan Fenton, joint medical director for the Mid and South Essex Success Regime;

“We are delighted that the Clinical Senate supports our proposed direction of travel for health and care services in mid and south Essex, and we accept the panel’s recommendations about further work to make sure that we explore fully the implications of service change for local people. We will continue to do this over the next few months as we narrow down the potential options for change.

“The independent advice of the Clinical Senate is one of many inputs that will be considered in reaching preferred options. It is by no means a decision, but an important part of the evidence that will inform decisions.”

The Clinical Senate’s final report of October 2016 supports the principle of having a designated specialist emergency hospital for more challenging and complex emergency work. It also supports the principle of having a centre of excellence for planned care. The report states that;

“This opportunity could be fully exploited to develop a centre for Essex that provides at scale, high quality services and care, first class training posts, developing expertise and a sense of pride among its workforce. This should create a centre that staff and patients would want to come to.”


The review panel also felt that the potential hospital changes could be “bolder with greater

potential benefits if there was less focus on continuing to provide virtually all current services

on all three sites.”

However, the review panel urged caution around the pace of change recommending that

quality and safety of services is paramount and the need for long-term sustainable services

should take priority over speed.

Next steps in February and March will narrow down the hospital reconfiguration possibilities

to one or two preferred options that will then be the basis for a detailed business case to be

reviewed by national bodies before public consultation later in 2017.

Further information on the emerging plans for health and care in mid and south Essex is

available from the Success Regime website www.successregimeessex.co.uk

The plans are summarised in a public document, 10 things you should know about your

local health and care plan.

The full reports from the East of England Clinical Senate are available from


District Councillor and Parish Councillor Surgeries -

Heybridge District Councillors and Parish Councillors will be holding monthly surgeries in the Claydon Room, Plantation  Hall between 10am and noon.  Residents are welcome to come along and ask or discuss any issues within the Parish with the Councillors.

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